Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Ticket price include?

The investment you make in your Ticket covers all expenses for the entire duration of the Camp, including; accommodation, meals, workshops, health testing, coaching sessions and workshops.

Do you have payment options?

Yes. Please see T&C’s for further details.

What will be covered in the cycling coaching content and how fit do i have to be?

The Camp’s cycling content and training rides are tailored to the beginner-to-intermediate, non-competitive cyclist. cycleWELL Camps are NOT high performance cycling camps’ for elite, competitive cyclists. They are health, wellbeing and personal development Camps tailored to men who enjoy cycling and use it to maintain and improve their physical and mental health. Most of the people who attend our Camps have not previously undertaken any professional cycling coaching and are not competitive club racers. In the lead up to attending our March Camp in Bright, our attendees averaged 2-3 rides per week of around 90 minutes in duration. They were riding between 100km - 200km per week in total, either by themselves or in small group rides. Their average ride pace was between 25km-30km pr hour.

Darren and his team will teach the skills needed to improve the majority of cyclists. The skills and content covered will include all aspects of road cycling needed to be safe, proficient and comfortable on your bike and to ensure that you have the best chance of maximising your return on every minute that you spend on the bike.

Darren and his team will cover; bike fit and set up, braking, cornering, climbing, descending, group riding skills and etiquette, bike cleaning and maintenance, ride preparation, warm-up and recovery.

Can Women Attend The Camp?

cycleWELL started life as a Social Enterprise whose mission was to address men’s health issues and therefore, the Camp content had been designed purely with the unique health requirements and social and cultural determinates of men’s health in mind. However, due to significant interest and support from our female cycling community and, in recognition of the role that deeper understanding of emotional and physical health and wellness can play in the lives all ALL cyclists, we are excited to announce that cycleWELL is aiming higher in 2020 and will broaden our focus to improving the lives of the men AND women who enjoy cycling and who are looking for a like minded community to join and actively support.

How many tickets are there / how big will the Camp be?

To keep the peleton manageable and safe on the road and to provide the unique level of access to coaches and guest speakers that we pride ourselves on, there are only 20 Tickets available for every Camp, regardless of venue.

Does the Ticket Price include the cost of getting to the Camp (i.e. travel / transfer costs)?


Does your Camp Insurance cover my bike if I have an accident?

No.  You will need to check with your insurer in regard to your level of coverage for both personal injury and accident cover. If you are not already a member of Cycling Australia we highly recommend it - as your membership includes some basic Insurance cover for you and your bike.*Refer to T&C’s for more detail.

Do you have ‘rider support’ on the rides?

Yes.  We will provide support vehicles and mechanical support for each ride and we will have experienced riders within the group to provide an additional layer of ‘on-ride’ assistance if it’s needed.

What level of health and PSYCHOLOGICAL testing is performed?

We will have a Men’s Health Nurse Practitioner (Dave) accompany us for the entire Camp and he will also perform the health testing.   The testing will be equivalent to a standard workplace health check that is offered by many Health Insurers.  Testing will be optional and completely confidential.  Our men’s mental health partner ‘Men’s Toolbox’ will also be providing the opportunity to have a basic mental health screening.

How much training should I do leading up to the Camp?

As we have said, the Camp is for beginner-to-intermediate riders.  Ideally, you will do a minimum of 150km a week for at least 4 weeks before the camp.  Of course everyone is different and you know your ability, experience and fitness level better than we will… Remember it is NOT a ‘Boot Camp’ for elite cyclists.  The longest and hardest ride we will do during the Camp is Mt Buffalo. This is our ‘Event Ride’ for the Camp and our goal is that every attendee completes this ride at their own pace. It is a fully supported ride and we allow ample time to complete it.